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I was worried about addiction and dependence with long-term use of oxycodone, so asked if there was another pain treatment option that was safer. My surgeon just switched me to tramadol. I've taken one 50 mg pill/day (with food) for the past two days. I'm feeling very nauseous and listless--which I know  Need advice - Oxycodone + other meds??? - Chronic Pain. This will help support the spine and take some pressure off the nerves. These are just a few suggestions. If your condition isn't expected to improve, you'd be better off with an extended release pain med like ms contin, opana er, oxycontin. I would also recommend a consultation with a pain specialist.

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Oxycodone is the ONLY pain medicine that gives me relief. It does not make me sleepy or cause acid reflux. I DO take a stool softener on an every other day basis to prevent constipation & that works. Previously I had been on it for 2 years prior to surgery for sciatic nerve pain. After surgery I had NO problem weaning off. This is an update on my use of oxycodone and the pain that brought about it's use in the first place.

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