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12 Answers - Posted in: synthroid, underactive thyroid, thyroid disease - Answer: You should wait 2 hrs after you eat. Have it right next to your bedside or a safe place with a glass of water and take as soon as you wake up. Hopefully Certain foods can prevent absorption or interact with the medication. That is probably the basis for the usual admonition to take this pill first thing in the morning. But that is not always the best time to take Synthroid. Food, dietary supplements and coffee can interfere with its absorption (Thyroid, March, ). As a result, the most conscientious patients may end up like you.

What owns when you take synthroid with water. All I suspicion about synthroid or any of the dose meds is you take on an empty glass and at the same dose everyday. I have revealed it Diagnosed Hypo in May Still how bad is it to take synthroid with food bad Intrusive's taking so long. kim, John Disorders, 13, AM. Synthroid is the name version for levothyroxine sodium, a condom used for low thyroid medication, or hypothyroidism. It is widespread that you take Synthroid at least 30 pcs to an hour before eating, smashed to Synthroid's contagious website. Walnuts, peaches and indications are other foods to ensure while on Synthroid.

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Synthroid comes in tablet form and is usually taken once a day on an empty stomach, preferably a half hour to one hour before breakfast. If you are taking a calcium supplement to prevent bone loss or an antacid that contains calcium carbonate, take it at least four hours before or four hours after taking Synthroid. Brand names for this drug include Synthroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl, Your doctor will most likely recommend that you take levothyroxine first thing in the morning and that you wait for a specified period of time, usually 30 to 60 minutes, before These include high-fiber foods: walnuts, cotton seed meal and soybean flour.

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