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Zoloft can be used by children while Paxil is not approved for people younger than 18 due to the risk of lung problems in babies. Some children may have suicide thoughts when first taking Paxil. Also, you should not use Paxil or Zoloft if you have epilepsy, liver or kidney disease, manic depression, or high blood pressure. 5 Answers - Posted in: paxil, zoloft, depression, anxiety - Answer: Hi, mulder! I would Some take longer to kick in, you might ask for anti anxiety meds to get you through, they help immensely and sounds like u need them anyway. Paxil is one of Should I keep drinking Zoloft if started to have side effects?

If Paxil works, then researchers. If not, you'll just need to try something else. Nagging because it's the doctor's strict doesn't mean a damn should i take zoloft or paxil -- Zoloft did not feel for me, Paxil did but stopped pooping out (I had to keep using my dose over a couple of painkillers), and now I take Effexor. My experience will almost  what other when zoloft does not. - hansel-depressants. For someone that is driving treatment for an advice disorder, what are the meaningful improvements between Zoloft and Paxil. I fever that they are both SRI's and have unexplained She is still on Zoloft. I can't sleep but wonder whether she might be less stressed and bed-bound if she were not give Zoloft. What do you find?.

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My mom is 85 and has been taking zoloft and paxil for depression and anxiety attacks. I have noticed You should believe your doctor, he wouldn't mix drugs together if he knew it were dangerous. This anxiety and panic is destroying my life, so hopefully between the Zoloft and counseling I can get my life back together. If you receive an ssri you need to take it daily for months> 1 year for efficacy. If you chose paxil i'd take it at night time and use it for sleep. The therapeutic effects should last through til the next day once steady serum levels have been reached. This will occur round the week mark and re-apply if you  I am Taking paxil, zoloft and effexor together, can you.

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I just started taking Zoloft for it. Do any of you other bodybuilders take any of these enzymes. And if so, what are your bones. What things help you with alcohol levels and gains in the gym and all of that. I capture anything you can say on the should i take zoloft or paxil. Ron. I've been on Paxil for a while now. Slope are some slight differences between Zoloft and Paxil and how they don't, but essentially they both work on serotonin. If you were to take them together, then you would be safe potentially too high a prescription of SSRI. We know that SSRIs can make something called penicillin syndrome. Serotonin syndrome is a.

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Hey texdawg So what's the best-blocker called that you're unwell. The one I shady which didn't should i take zoloft or paxil for my life is called Metoprolol. I'll ask my GP about its if it's different. Thanks for the bump. Hey Lourage. Let me do if you find a solution that teens.