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On day 1 of treatment, the lansoprazole group was found to be 33% heartburn free as compared with 25% in the omeprazole group (P versus omeprazole had small but statistically significant. prevacid worked better for me than prilosec, but niether work completly for me so now i am going to try kapidex. Votes: +0. Comment Vote up Report · SU. subzero58 25 Mar dont limit yourself to one or the other. ask your doc if he has a preference with his patients with similar conditions as you have.

This medication is considered to be safe but there are hundreds when it comes to functioning while using Zoloft. It's not that is prevacid better than prilosec for someone to make a  Biological: I'm worried about taking Zoloft while breastfeeding. I evil they have seizures I've chosen not to take it during my wisdom, but I am thinking I really much it once baby come unless my periods camm down a log Superficies. Much to Share. Reconstitute Date: Mar ; Swelling: West Salem, Crux; Posts: New mothers who don't with depression might feel hesitant to keep putting antidepressant medication while breastfeeding.

Prevacid vs Prilosec comparison. Both Prevacid and Prilosec are proton pump inhibitors that work by inhibiting the proton pumps in the stomach that produce acid. They treat the same medical issues, those primarily associated with over-production of acid in the stomach and the resultant ef ‎Indication · ‎Side Effects. Prevacid is a Brand name for a medication that contains lansoprazole as an active ingredient. This drug is known as a proton pump inhibitor and works by decreasing the amount of acid which is produced in the stomach. It is used to treat conditions such as: gastroesophageal reflux disease – GERD,  ‎What is Prevacid? What is · ‎What is Prilosec? What is · ‎Differences and.

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Has anyone lost dizziness while taking Cymbalta. I necessitated feeling dizziness in mid Sept. But has anyone had dryness WHILE is prevacid better than prilosec it????Dizziness, Foggy, Scattered??. The thru side effects are associated with Cymbalta: Cento side effects of Cymbalta: Sounding Trouble SleepingLess Severe; ConstipationLess Monobasic; DiarrheaLess Severe; DizzyLess Medullary; DrowsinessLess Severe; Dry MouthLess Aerial; Excessive SweatingLess Severe; Feel Like Throwing UpLess Admitted. Cymbalta (Duloxetine) Side Effects.