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I would just take Imodium whenever I felt I needed to and that was that. But once I had to go in and get tested for diabetes (which I don't have) my doctor told me to take one Imodium every day. I looked at her like she was insane. I thought that this could be dangerous, but I asked and she said it is harmless, it will just help. Dr. Novick responded: Diarrhea. If your diarrhea is accompanied by severe cramps you can take both drugs.

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That's what i told him and he came up with Buscopan when i have cramps as well as the mebeverine i'm already taking. Does anyone feel that others don't get it? Well, as far as I know, Imodium is for controllinfg diahrrea, buscopan is not necessarly an analgesic but it helps you stopping the pain. I don't  how do you cope with airpots/airplane travel - Traveling with a. If you have diarrhoea then antidiarrhoeal medicines such as loperamide can help. They work by slowing down the passage of food in the intestine which allows more water to be absorbed and stools become firmer. Treatments like this can help take some of the stress out of not knowing when you will need the loo in a hurry.

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